Saturday, December 12, 2009

Bag Lady

In response to a blog I did earlier in the week, I got this picture and explanation from Sandy.
Instead of boxing and wrapping gifts, she uses fabric bags; all sorts of bags that she has made and recycles. What a fabulous idea! Everyone should do this. When the kids were little and believed in Santa, I had red paper for Maggie and green for Peter and then I hid the remaining paper so that it wouldn't get used and intermingle with the family gifts and possibly confuse the kids about Santa's wrapping. What I went through!!! A bag would have been the ticket.

Just think of all the effort you would eliminate: no boxes, no tissue, no wrapping paper, no ribbon and that is nothing compared to the time purchasing the supplies, the time vested in wrapping and the trash it causes when the unwrapping takes place. There is the initial purchase of fabric if you don't hoard like I do and there is the time in sewing but in the long run it would be minimal.

I am not saying that I am gonna start this practice tomorrow. After all, what about all the supplies (rolls and rolls of paper, ribbon) I already have? Am I nuts? That's like saying I can't start a diet because I still have some food in the house. (I do say that on occasion). I will give them away. I think this is an amazing way to make a massive dent in my human footprint. This will be in my future.

Sandy has a bag making tutorial on her blog that shows you how she constructs them.

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