Friday, December 11, 2009

Eye Candy

Let's go to the One Of A Kind Show. This crazy statue had pose by me written all over her. Here's Nancy looking as colorful as the button armed damsel. Her exposed 'skin' is button covered and her dress is made out of cans. She was very popular.
Make sure that you click on the picture to see it up close and personal. This next artist does an
amazing job with tiny little beads. The intricacy is unbelievable. I was mesmerized.
I like the idea of these patches on the denim, just not these actual articles of clothing. I could see something like it but cuter in my minds eye.
These are cheesecakes made to look like burgers. They were at the concession where we all had a big hot dog.
These homemade Twinkies were there too.
Marla Duran, a Project Runway participant, is always at this show. She usually has a pretty full booth, due to her notoriety.
I really like this. These circles are composed of fabric, plastic and paper.
This is interesting wall art. I can't remember what they are made of tho'.
These are both felted and embroidered. All this stuff I am showing is new to me. Either they haven't been to the show lately or I missed them.
These two ladies are usually in lots of shows that I go to. It is the Things of Steel booth and I happen to have quite a few things done by them. I really like the wreaths that they had this year.

I got more but only have a minute to blog. It's that time of year!!!!


pammyfay said...

I can identify photo #8 for you! They are part of Myra Burg's "Quiet Oboes" sculptural fiber art series. They are very cool (and so is the artist--chatted with her when she was at Baltimore's American Craft Council show a few years back). Just the thing for a very, very big empty wall!

Susan Turney said...

Great post! What amazing work and you must have had so much fun. Thanks for sharing!

dee said...

Wow! that beaded picture is truly amazing. Thanks for taking us along.