Thursday, December 17, 2009

Graham Elliot's

This is how it usually goes. When going to a new and exciting restaurant I start out with the plan of taking a picture of every dish in every course, especially when it is an award winning chef, not to mention one that I followed on Bravo's Top Chef Masters. Then I get a little gun shy (yeah, I know it is hard to believe). After a glass of wine or two, that all pretty much goes away. Therefore, I have main courses photographed as well as desserts. I will just have to describe the first course. Graham Elliot has merited an impressive list of awards. He is quite young too.

The choice of location for this restaurant was surprising. I have been to the exact spot when it was Harvest on Huron and Allen's. This is all within ten years. I have a thing about a location changing hands so many times. Could it be jinxed? Well, I just looked it up and Graham has been good to go since May of 2008 so I have hope for him.

Pete had a deconstructed italian beef beef tartare for an app. It looked like a little tiny sandwich and seemed to be gobbled up quickly. I don't do raw so I took a pass . Maggie had the signature caesar salad that was very cute. It was propped on a brioche twinkie but the anchovies that were just laying on romaine was not my cup of tea. I use anchovies all the time in my cooking but I like the essence after they melt rather than the fish shining through. Both G and Maria went for the heirloom beets with micro arugula (looks like the beginning of any plant you try to start from seed) and a horseradish foam. It was devoured. I was very adventurous and got the braised octopus terrine. It was the standout and normally it would not be anything I would order. I also got duck ravioli with all sorts of itty bitty sides. G and Evan had risotto with pearl onions and apple.
I just found a menu of GE on line that is very similar to last night's menu. Check it out. Everyone tasted everything and it was a cornucopia of tastes.

My main course was scallops with lentils, raisin chutney and cauliflower puree.
Peter went with the chicken cordon bleu and it was not good. It tasted like ham.
Maria went with the sturgeon and it was mighty fine; much like halibut.
Evan's lamb was great but we found fault with his vegetables (broccoli raab was what I tasted and it was nasty). It reminded me of milk being sour and someone saying 'this is disgusting; taste it'. We all did and said the same thing; disgusting.Gordon and Maggie got the deconstructed beef stroganoff with spatzle, and chanterelles. This is pretty much the signature dish and G did not share but inhaled his. Maggie shared.

Someone took this picture of me scarfing down food and I wasn't even aware of it.
Check out the candle on the plate. This is the subtle way of honoring our anniversary. I like it so much more than, say, TGI Fridays, where every worker in the joint gathers around the celebrant to humiliate them in front of all the other patrons. We had all the desserts. This one was the blood orange dreamsicle. It was just okay.
The chocolate sabayon torte was very very good.
Both Maria and I gave the fave nod to the apple dessert. We got two of each dessert so all six of us could have a good sampling.
Pumpkin spice cake was lovely and Maggie's favorite. It was soft and crispy at the same time.

The restaurant was very comfortable. The owner and chef actually did a mix of music that was piped in and was nice and subtle. The waiters were very knowledgeable but a tad to fast in their very complicated verbiage as to what we were eating. All in all, it was a very good time. It had a lot to do with the company I was hanging with. That makes all the difference.


Cindra said...

It looks like the servings were very small. I would think it would be hard to share. I think the company is always the best part of the meal.

maggie z. said...

what a feast~ and well deserved.. love the plateing...nice to see round plates for a change.. skimpy portions- but hey, you can order more sides!