Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Holiday's Are Fast Approaching!!!

I am afraid that the blog is going to go to the way side for a few days. I am thrilled that my sweet brother is out of the hospital and that is comforting but I am a bit of a whirling dervish lately and although it actually takes a minute to blog, with the phone constantly ringing, the chores that I am not used to doing now a priority, and the holiday's big day fast approaching, I will probably not be an efficient blogger and for that, I apologize. I have millions of things in my brain that I want to share but it takes more time (the camera being charged and stuff like that) than I have right now.

I was doing power cooking one day and the recycling can was full so I took out the bag, the phone rang, and voila!

a pink bandit, riffling through the bag to find the perfect booty; the ground turkey carton. She is if nothing else, a discriminate bag lady - only low fat for her!


dee said...

I hope things improve with your brother and that you have a wonderful, if hectic, Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy yourselves!