Monday, December 14, 2009

It's All In The Details

I am a bit beside myself. I somehow deleted all of yesterdays pictures. I took some detail shots of the gingerbread houses this morning with my sister Mike and when I went to download them, and the program asks if you want to delete the originals from the camera I said yes, all the while thinking I had already downloaded all the others. I didn't. In those pictures were two tutorials; one on how to make the perfect gingerbread cookie, and the other on how to make a Croquembouche tree (made out of cream puffs and surrounded with spun sugar). Gone, and so all that remains of a blowout party of 19 are the unclaimed houses (that will go to the hospital),
lots of dirty dishes, frosting on the floor and more leftover skittles that seems humanly possible. No pictures of cute girls in Santa hats and gingerbread aprons. It's a sad day here at Casa Fitzsimmons.
And the winner is, White Christmas, as I named it. Barb D did a beautiful job. Unfortunately, although the new gingerbread kits I used this year
were worlds easier to construct (besides Nancy dearest helping me) due to the plastic tray
that they came with. It has a trough that the houses are down in so you can construct without using cans to hold them in place while they dry and they also have already mixed royal frosting in them. The problem is that the minute you move the tray it makes an unstable foundation. They are flimsy and kinda create an seismic problem. We had a few casualties because of it.
In no particular order, (mostly because I am pissed at myself) are some of the houses and the different details that we liked. Here is a log cabin made of pretzels,
a gorgeous roof and a sheep made out of cauliflower and this years house that was made by
last years winner. Notice the broccoli trees.

And due to unstable conditions and a little less than Picasso's talent, is a Katrina victim.
Here is a detail of the winning roof. Magnificent.

This path made of sour ribbons,
a close up of the cauliflower sheep (I see he has lost an eye),
a marshmallow snowman,
the same sour ribbon detail on a roof,
perfect detailing,
a very cool roof good enough to eat,
a walkway made of broken gingerbread,

and finally, the take home favor, sure to add to not fitting into our holiday dress without Spanx.

Dinner was Turkey chili with sides of cheese, macaroni, onion, chives and oyster crackers. The pictures were very nice and staged beautifully, due to my actually hiring a food stylist for the occasion. Okay, so I lied.


Reggie said...

I think you lost your pictures because I wasn't sorry I missed it but I now everyone is happy they didn't have to see those Xmas pants of mine again!!!

Dorothy said...

Google your camera model plus "recover deleted pictures." Mine (or maybe my daughter's?) allows you to recover the most recent delete.

Cindra said...

The houses are wonderful!

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Read on someone's blog that they put their gingerbread houses together with hot glue since they don't eat them anyway.
Maybe that tip will work for you - won't work for me since I don't make gingerbread houses and I don't think we'll pick that as a project when we get together!