Monday, December 28, 2009

It's Windy Here

I just compiled my list for errands and numbered them in order that would be the most efficient. I don't recall ever doing that before. I am officially a senior. It's our last day in the north for the winter (not counting weddings and functions that require our presence and that calls for lots of last minute tidbits to do. I am raring to go.
This is the dessert I made to take to my SIL's on Christmas Eve. I have made it before but for some reason it went over much better this year. It was scarfed down and this is a normal sized trifle dish, not some itty bitty impostor. Maybe because, instead of using jello pudding, I made it from scratch. I personally can't tell much difference between real and jello but I can tell when instant is used rather than the cooked kind. To me, it depends on what it is used for. If it is added to cake or deep inside some other creation, instant is the way to go; it takes what? Five minutes? If pudding is stand alone it should not be instant. There is a taste instant has that I definitely can pick out. It's a mighty fine looking dessert but it is a bear to transport for an hour and a half of Gordon's expressway driving. Mercy!!!!
Check this out. My precious DIL Maria sent me this last night. It just happens to be Mad Men's numero uno ice bitch, Betty Draper, standing in her lovely plaid kitchen with the volume

I received for Christmas; none other than the Betty Crocker Hostess Cookbook. If I can find lard, it may be my new go-to cookbook. You need to get a copy of this. It's a hoot.


Anonymous said...

My 18yrs old dd made croquembouche for dessert on the 25th. She made everything from scratch, and wouldn't be convinced that it was too much work. It was truly the best dessert ever. Simply wicked!

Susan Turney said...

Hi Tommy,
I'm just writing to say how much I enjoy your blog. It makes me laugh out loud. "Fon don't" stuck with me all day!!! I'm always happy to see a new post in my reader. Have a good trip south!

Robbie said...

funny you mention 'lard'...we arrived in Ocala, Fl. for our 'winter' and while filling my grocery basket I saw 'lard' and thought..who would buy was next to the Crisco shortening...guess it's a southern thing! 70 degrees today and lovin' Florida! Mandy loves it too!