Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Lean On Me

The Christmas bark is made.
I wasn't gonna make it this year but I have already had people asking about it so I crumbled under the pressure and made an army's ration of it. It is curing on the table in the screened in porch.
Here's little Chai. She is a bit of an over eater if given the chance so we have to put up Bella's bowl when Chai is visiting and when it looks like Bella needs to eat, we keep the kitchen off limits to our little half breed. That doesn't stop her from hovering, even around an empty bowl. You never know when food will miraculously appear out of nowhere.
Speaking of food, this will prove how deep, thoughtful and scholarly I can be. We were checking out the ads in the Sunday paper, comparing ounces to ounces of Tide, the fact that Pillsbury cake mixes were a buck and that Lean's were $1.99. I pointed out that there are many categories of Lean's and you have to be very careful of the pricing of them. The trick is to notice the top accent color. Classic, cafe, comfort, spa, dinnertime, one dish and others I can't think of right now have their own color. Most ads will limit the sale to certain ones (usually the cheaper) but this week it appears that they are all on sale. I now have a freezer full and only four weeks to eat it. I figure I will have to have at least two for lunch each day except for bowling day (today) in order to leave the freezer free of any possible freezer burn purchases. I better get eating. Oh, I digress. I was checking out this particular box to my sister when I actually looked at the picture and thought that there were an awfully lot of shrimp in the picture (7) for 230 calories. To check it out, I
opened it up. Sure enough, there were seven complete shrimp and another half that was not even photographed. I have a new fondness for the Lean that I didn't possess before. I had this particular Lean for breakfast on Sunday. I think I will go have another.


Anonymous said...

A couple of Leans makes a pretty good meal:)

Marcia said...

I notice you used pecans in the bark instead of macadamia or almonds. Which is your preference and why? And is the measurement before or after chopping? Thanks...looks yummy!