Sunday, December 13, 2009

Let's Go Back To The Show

We went to a great Christmas party last night and I took pictures; some of people and some of desserts, but for some reason they will not download. I can see them in the viewfinder, so they are on the card and the battery is charged and I thought maybe the cable going to the computer was compromised and so I changed that out but nada, nilch, nothin'. My computer wizard sister is coming today for a couple of days so maybe she can figure it out. In the mean time, it's back to the Show!!!
Fleece, felting and scarves were the hit of the show. These kids hats out of polar fleece were definitely a crowd pleaser. And being a sewer, they seemed quite pricey.
There were so many people at this booth, made up of whimsy characters, that the only shot I could get was over their heads, just holding up the camera and taking my chances that it worked. Maybe not so good.
I was this ( ll) close to buying this. I adore it but already have so many decorative plates that I am running out of room.
This booth, at first, was a bit creepy because it was all embellished secondhand clothing. They had all sorts of blazers decked out as military garb but what caught my eye was this fake fur collar that was taken of of something and made as an accent piece. You could adorn your coat or maybe just a sweater or turtleneck. I like the idea.
A bit claustrophobic maybe, but this quilt booth caught the eye of lots of ladies.
As I said, felted items were very prevalent and fashioned in all sorts of forms. Scarves took the
title tho', of being the top in numbers. There had to be at least 20 scarf booths. Lots of scarf
forms that were new to me. It's like there's an army of artists trying to out do themselves in
the scarf department. After looking around, there were tons of patrons with scarves around
their necks. And later, much to my surprise, I was gifted a pashmina, straight from Palm Springs (via China probably) by Nancy and

Frank, while they were golfing their brains out before coming to the cold Midwest. It's perfect for my signature color (black) and a favorite leg apparel (jeans). These people really know their hostess!!!

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