Thursday, December 10, 2009

May I Help You?

I bought eighteen outfits at Macy's last Sunday. After the transaction was complete and the sales person was bagging my stuff (in the satchel I brought along with me; you know, I am going green) I asked for boxes. I was informed that there were no boxes to be had. If I had not spent a good hour in the kids department trying to match up outfits for the twins and their cousins, I would have bolted without making a purchase. I was promised that the boxes would be there soon and even though the store is 45 minutes away, I acquesed and went on my merry way.

It is now four days later and no boxes. I called to check the status this morning and was routed to what they called Customer Service by the operator. Answering the phone was Joni, who, with a delightful voice, said, 'Welcome to Macy's Executive Offices. How can I make your day outstanding?'
To that I replied that she could tell me that they have boxes. No boxes. I said well, to then make my day outstanding she could come to my house and make dinner. She laughed and said that she didn't even make dinner for her family!!! We chatted about the lack of knowledge as to where and when the boxes would appear and so I asked her if I could get an extension for the Customer Service department so I didn't have to listen to a littany of various departments and she said there is no longer a Customer Service Department; it was now Executive Offices.

Now, I ask you,
would you be more impressed with a new name like this? When you go to Target they call you a guest rather than a customer. Do you feel more important with that label? I was just wondering. But, for what it's worth, I could hang with Joni, that is, if she wasn't the instigator of the new title of CUSTOMER SERVICE.


SandyQuilts said...

Boxes .... I haven't used boxes or wrapping paper for 7 or 8 yrs. I try to use my great stash for fabric bags for all occassions including Christmas.

Yep I make them return the bags for next time.

Cindra said...

Something tells me they will not or never intended to have boxes... to big of an expense. Next year they will actually charge you for the boxes.

sophie said...

I've been having the experience from Hell with Target's "Guest Services," so I'd have to say that being called a guest while being consistently misinformed and not hearing the same (apparently making it up as the go along) answer to a couple of basic questions twice (everyone has a different answer, no matter the question) makes little difference to me. It doesn't help that not one person has done what they said they would do to rectify the problem that they created . . . you would think that in this economy, major retailers like Macy's and Target would want to leave their customers with a better impression, huh?