Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Rockin' Retro Christmas.

All's quiet on the home front. The final stragglers have packed up and headed home and with G at the semi annual Men's Sale at Nordstrom, I, along with Belly, have the house to ourselves. I intend to clean out the refrig, the pantry, the sticky cabinet doors and start on some more wash but first I thought I'd give you some Christmas stuff.

With all the talk of the hit Mad Men, I decided to have a retro Christmas. To get in the mood, I watched six episodes of Mad Men. Then I went on line and found

Better Crocker Picture Cookbook's from 1950 (reprints) and got all the girls one. I then made the menu and divvied up who was to make what. With three guests out of fourteen eventually not coming this year, (and we were sad about it) the menu changed a bit but all in all it was a typical 1950 spread.
We did forgo the incessant smoking that is so prevalent on the show, but we did make a bunch on martini's. Egg nog was on my menu and that never came to fruition.
First up? Chips and dip (french onion, of course).
I don't know what I was thinking but I gave floating little smokies to my vegetarian sister in law. She was a trooper tho' and made them anyway.
We had ramaki made with marinated chicken livers and water chestnuts. Ya gotta have a deviled egg or two. Planned but never making it onto the table were ground bologna spread and pigs in the blanket.
Can you believe this? The dip was gone in a flash.
Just like we were served fifty years ago, the salad was a wedge of iceberg and french and thousand. I makes my mouth water (not!)
One of the sides I had planned was a nice jello mold and the green bean casserole but they were no shows, so we stuck with au gratin potatoes.
The finest of egg noodles were boiled up to be the bed for another old favorite,
Beef Stroganoff.
You can probably guess what these toast points were the base for. You are right,

Chicken A La King. I made it without pimento because I don't like it at all.
Tuna noodle casserole with crushed potato chips on it was a favorite of mine growing up and I often requested it for my birthday meal.
This is the recipe from the cookbook. It's pretty funny because it says to follow recipe for Tuna Supreme above - and it is above but it doesn't have any name on it. (I think you can click on the picture and read it better.) Also, they forgot to mention the noodles. There are lots of mistakes and things left outin the cookbook. It's pretty funny reading.
I changed the desserts at the last minute, opting for a chocolate cream yule log. You can easily see by this picture
in the cookbook as to why I changed my mind. It is so attractive looking. The final dessert that I changed was from a snowball cake
to a pineapple upside down cake. The reason I changed it was because lately there has been a lot of talk of this cake eaten right out of the oven. Because of that, I opted to make it at the last minute. It was
all worth the wait. My Maria took some pictures of food that are suitable for framing. Yum.
This cookbook, complete with a few spills on a page or two, was given to me by Maria. It is copyrighted 1967 and I remember it. The house looks very contemporary, doesn't it?

The dinner was a very big hit. The menu were dishes we haven't had in forever and are all good examples of comfort food. It sure beat the hell out of last years Fondue Christmas, which was aptly named Fon don't. Those kids of mine are pretty funny!!!


dee said...

I hate to admit that some of that comfort food looks pretty darn good to me. Pineapple upside down cake is a fav around here. It's been years since I made the tuna thing but as soon as I mentioned it my husband loved the idea. Stroganoff is a long time fav we haven't had in a while either.
We had prime rib & Yorkshire pudding for was luscious. Now we need to eat salad for about 3 weeks...just salad....and maybe water...lots of water

spikemuffin said...

Navy flashback. S.O.S.!

maggie z. said...

looking forward to your arrival!! safe drive..