Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday In The Park

We have had a little scare the last couple days with a health problem of a loved one and I am not feeling like concentrating much on a blog but right now I have gotten some good news and so felt like typing.

I was talking to my BFF (Kaci) about a little dilemma I had and she was hooting and hollerin' about it (in my mind) and thought I would share. I have had this little irritating thing that I have been doing with my tongue (yeah, that sounds creepy). I tend to grit my teeth when I try to open something that is difficult to open; often due to arthritis. When I grit, my tongue keeps going over the teeth and gums that I gritted (is that a word?) and by the end of the day, my mouth is raw and I have horrible dry mouth. I tried to isolate when I do it and I see when I do it AFTER the fact but to combat the worst of the tongue irritation I decided to sporadically wear my night guard (I wear to bed because I grind my teeth) during the day.

Last week when I was saying goodbye to my Nancy when she was leaving from her visit, I headed over to a box store to pick up a couple of essentials. Between leaving her and five minutes in the store I realized that I no longer had my guard. Not only is that a $400 loss but a major grinding issue of my teeth at night, going to the dentist for impressions for molds and waiting for the three week interval between my impressions and the final fitting, postponing my heading south for the winter. I tore the car apart looking for my appliance and finally called the dentist. They got me in in an hour and after having that gunk in my mouth, they scheduled me for three weeks later. I decided to get two guards this time. G has two (yeah, we are a sight at bed time) and has always told me to have a back up. It never seemed necessary until now,

Okay, so a couple days went by and the topic of when were heading to Florida came up and after mentioning when my guards were due to be back from the lab, G said, ' did you ever call the store lost and found about your guard?' I thought for a while and said to myself, 'yeah, I thought about it and thought that anyone in their right mind would first, not pick up anyone's mouth appliance, and second, never go out of their way to turn it in to a big box stores lost and found'. I said to G that I would call that minute, not for a second thinking that I would get the positive response I did. After three different extensions I got a gal who said that the lost and found was a basket under the customer service desk and what was I looking for. I said, a little embarrassed, that it was a retainer of sorts. She said, a night guard? And I said yeah, is it possible that someone turned it in? Yes, we have one and can you describe it? I started to and she laughed and laughed as I mentioned something about quasi clear plastic with the possibility of small food particles on the inside and heavy grinding on the outside. And then she asked me how impossible it would be that there could be more than one guard in the lost and found basket (which is approximately 12" x 4") at a given time and then she said there wasn't. I left my name and would claim it the next day.

I got off the phone and said to G that I didn't think I could be that good of a samaritian to touch, let alone turn in a spitty, raunchy and possibly (depending on what I ate (a Reuben), food infested plastic mouth thingy)

but alas, there was such a person. I will have three appliances by January and I said that is all I want for Christmas, except maybe a few dollars cash to plunk into a red kettle or two.

Same with my orthotics. I have one pair but G is always telling me to get an extra pair but I tell him that I always have them in my shoes so how could I lose them? Then I think back when Pete was on the beach and had his shoes in his hand and lost one of his orthotics in the sand. I guess I have to wait until that happens

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Cindra said...

I was fascinate with your appliance. Mine has two little hooks that hook between two of my upper teeth so that it doesn't move around or won't fall out. I can see how yours would be easy to lose.