Wednesday, December 02, 2009


Here's our friend Dukie talking to my daughter at her wedding. We go back about forty years. We had a mildly adamant discussion this past summer about goat cheese and my side was that it's not a hard or semi hard cheese and he said he grew up with hard goat cheese. We went on line to check it out but could find nothing, not knowing the name.

I got this a couple weeks ago. Johnny on the spot, wouldn't you say?
I am finally getting to the notes (mostly scribble and illegible) I made to myself this summer. (Do people actually do that?) I guess better late than never. I found the cheese that my Grandfather would go down to Navy Pier (Chicago) (when they used it as a real naval and ship pier) and from Italy. I looked up some prices and it ranges from $15.00 to $20.00 a pound. I don't know if I was searching in the correct places for the best buy. I do know the the Euro dollar compared to the US dollar is worth about $1.50. I'm sure that has something to do with the cost.

As I mentioned, we used to grate the cheese and then use it on about everything we ate. It is "stinky, but I remember it has a great taste.

Romano cheese (ro-MAH-noh) - It is sometimes called incanestrato cheese and it is one of the most popular of the very hard Italian cheeses. It was first made from ewe's milk in the grazing area of Latium, near Rome, but it is now also made from cow's and goat's milk. It is a creamy white cheese that is granular with a hard rind. Grated Romano browns quickly when heated. When made from ewe's milk, it is called Pecorino Romano; from cow's milk, Vacchino Romano; and from goat's milk, Caprino Romano.

And now, we all know. Thanks Dukie.


dee said...

Now and them I find cacciocavalo. I think that's a goats milk cheese. It's really yummy but you have t find a place that sells Italian foods. We have one but it's a little bit of a drive.
Rats, now I have it on my mind and must go to Uncle Guissepi's. That's a pricey trip, although you can eat your way through the place with nibbles of this and that.
I remain a cheese hound.

Anonymous said...

There is goats cheese and sheep cheese. Goats cheese comes in very hard....Parmesan-like, to very soft Camenbert-like. This past weekend I bought a piece of goats cheese more Gouda-like. There is also creamed goats can get it any way you like...