Thursday, December 10, 2009

Ta Da

Just last night I got the okay to divulge the 2009 pillow (from the geographically farthest away). As it happens, my friend Frank (married to guest blogger and partner in crime Nancy) was more than a little miffed last year to see the yearly pillow on the blog before he
got to see it in the 'flesh'. So I told him that until he gave me the heads up, I would not share the pillow on the blog. True to my word, I did not. I got an email last night from him (while he was at still at the airport ready to head home after the visit here) that his daughter (a pillow recipient) got her pillow yesterday, so posting the pillow was a okay. Here it is. The twentieth year in pillows and this year, due to two weddings of the offspring of recipients, the total I make is thirty.
The idea started with this computerized sewing of Christmas lights that I thought would be great for the back of the pillow. Okay, so I did that and even put in the year in one of the bulbs. These backs of the pillows laid around for almost four months before I could conger up any idea for the front.

The idea of real cording from Christmas lights was the most prevalent idea in my brain but in actual production reality? Not so much a good idea. This is what I ended up with, with a little help from Peg and Anne. There is no such thing as a perfectly unique idea. They come from somewhere, or something that you have seen, heard of or plotted a variation in your head without even being aware of it. Or at least that is what I think.

Twenty years of pillows. The idea sparked another idea. I will share that in a couple of days.


Corky said...

I so look forward to the pillow reveal every year and really like this year's. I sure wish I could be part of your extended family so one would arrive in my mailbox. I wouldn't even mind to see it posted on the blog before seeing it up close and personal.

spikemuffin said...
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SandyQuilts said...

Love the pillow.