Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tile We Meet Again

We awoke with snow fears and over fifty mile an hour winds reeking destruction while we slept but it didn't happen. There was even discussion of not going out for our weekly cocktail last night but not to worry, that was quickly nipped in the bud. The first sighting of a possible storm never fails to excite and ignite as if we have never seen the wind or snow before. Not to mention what it does to traffic. I won't even go there.
When we go to a hotel, we try to make it as close to home as we can for Bella. The whole configuration of the room changes within minutes of the magnetic card going through the slit in the door. Besides the food, water, favorite tv channel and various toys and bones scattered throughout the room, the table is moved and the chair is pushed to the window for ease in jumping up and looking out. We pretty much leave Bella to her own devices while in a home away from home and she always knows it. In this picture we just told her that we are going out but will be right back. She knows that we are liars.
We took a cab the Merchandise Mart in Chicago to go to the One Of A Kind Show this past weekend. G knew he was in for trouble when I couldn't even get to the lobby before I found stuff that caught my eye. It was the window display at Artistic Tile. Check out these three mannequins. This guys shirt is made of tile.
So is this dress.
And these jeans, only this picture was taken pretty far away so it's not so good. I need to get myself a zoom lens. I think these are definitely worthy of calling works of art. And we hadn't even paid to ride the elevator to go to the art show!!!
Nancy, roving reporter and guest blogger, found herself messing around on the porch doing all sorts of holiday stuff. She seems to have found a blow up doll to play with. She is from California after all.

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Pammyfay said...

Those "clothing" piece are incredible! Thank you for posting them for all of us to see.
And Bella ... well, the line "she knows we are liars" just cracked me up! But she's got a great view, toys, a pillow, a nice place to snooze; I'm sure she's loving the accommodations.