Friday, January 01, 2010

2010: Bring It On !!!

I just made a folder in my iPhoto for January 2010 and realized that it was the first time that I wrote 2010. Thrilling news, I know. It is dark and rainy and I slept in on this first day of the year.
Yesterday's blog mentioned the two new retro dishes I was going to try. This is the picture of Goobersnap before it went into the garbage. I can't recall the last time I made a recipe that had absolutely no redeeming quality. I realized that it just may be my palette so I had several others have a taste try. Not that it was bad tasting. I was just so wrong. It would be a 'why bother' moment when you got it to your taste buds.

Red Hot Jello on the other hand was very tasty. I don't unfortunately have a jello mold so I just made the thing in a stainless steel bowl. It unmolded perfectly. I do need to make an exception to the recipe poster that said not to use the decorative red cinnamon candies because they don't melt. At my grocery, they were the only option and they melted in a flash. I will see if I can post a picture of the finished heap.

I am going to be very lazy and just look at all the stuff that I brought from home
I brought tons of fabrics that need to be overdyed. When I first started dyeing fabric I pretty much kept making the same colors and I will no longer tolerate that so instead of hanging on to all that duplicated fabric I decided to bring it down to Florida and reinvent them. This is the only place I dye now because up north we are on septic and that means salt isn't a good thing for it. I will deal with it another day.

Again, Happy New Year!!!!


sophie said...

Too bad . . . that Goobersnap recipe SOUNDED like it could be interesting. Too bad, maybe made with different nuts (even if peanuts/goobers give it it's memorable name)?

All the best to you and yours in 2010 . . . and many more beautiful quilt projects ;-)

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Jared and I decided better your garbage than mine for the goober stuff!

Anonymous said...

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