Sunday, January 03, 2010

App's Again

Not only did I just find out that all you have to do is download the Google Mobile App for free on your iPhone and you can google anything by just saying 'rooster fish' or 'gooey duck clam' or 'Steve Martin's new bride' and voila ! no typing is needed. And to prove a point, the topic of going to Costa Rica for a week so that someones husband could catch a rooster fish was brought up by moi in a noisy car on the way to the new southwest bbq restaurant. As I mentioned this to the others in the car, I also said clearly but with other talking going on around me, 'rooster fish' and much more quickly than a text google could even be typed correctly by my less than nimble fingers, the rooster fish came up on google. Amazing. I would love that to happen on the desktop or laptop computer but as yet it doesn't look like that's gonna happen any time soon. I think my car has a feature that I can say rather than dial my contacts phone numbers (by saying their name) but to me, life's too short to learn all that stuff.

Another amazing free app is the Sexual Offender locator. The free app will show you the closest ten sex offenders to either your current location (which my phone knows - amazing!) or any particular location that you type in. Pictures, age, address, height, weight, and depending on their crime, their offense pops up. If you want a larger circumference than the closest ten predators (tells how far away they are) you can pay to get more info.

It seems so odd that there is so much stuff out there. Sometimes it freaks me out. But you gotta take the good with the bad I guess. There are always gonna be those who abuse the system and learn ways to beat it but the good in lots of these technological advances far out weigh any bad ones. The most important to me and used often is the Sit or Squat (showing you where the closest bathroom is). In this case, technology ROCKS!!!!

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Irene said...

On any cell phone if you put in this number 1-800-466-4411 it connects you to Google and you can ask for any phone number and it connects you - free! I used this a lot when I was out Christmas shopping and trying to find an item in stock at different store locations.