Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birthday Giggles

When I open the computer to the Internet I have the weather locally and in Chicago. It is 1º in Chicago and 32º here. Both happen to be Fahrenheit because if Chicago were Celsius they would both be freezing. Even tho' it's cold here, it's a far cry from the blistery north. This morning the wind is a howling which just seems to make it worse.

I thought I would address the book making. Now that I am a Mac, the picture program that comes on the computer is iPhoto.
on the bottom of any picture I am using there is the little book that says Book underneath it. All you do is click on it and
up comes this screen and you choose Picture Book if you want to make a book. You never go on line until you are ready to make the purchase and it's as simple as that.
The book comes up blank and you choose each page layout, page by page. There are three different book bindings you can get; the ones I get are regular bound, hard cover but you can get soft cover and wire bound. Obviously the hardcover cost is a bit more but more durable in the long run. It's about thirty bucks for 20 pages, but you can make them up to around a hundred pages. It is very easy. I know there are online book making sites but I have never even checked them out due to the ease of this program.
Here's the birthday cake I made yesterday. I got the recipe from an old girlfriend (not in age but in years of knowing one another). I literally emailed her asking if she still had the recipe for the chocolate cake that she made for her husband's birthday twenty five or more years ago. Sure enough, she had it and sent it and here it is! It has no flour in it. It is a lovely cake and very tasty but very very rich, If I serve it again, and I am sure I will because it was a big hit, I would definitely have some fresh, just made whipping cream on the side. It needs the softness of it. After I got the recipe from my pal I felt like something was missing and so I googled the cake name and sure enough, it comes up. The name of the cake is La Maxine.
Millie just emailed me a picture she took on her phone of the inside of the cake. I thought I would add it to this post.
Here is the birthday girl in the center, Millie, and she is straddled by Karen and moi. I would post the picture of the guys but none of them were looking at the camera. Guys!

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