Thursday, January 07, 2010

Books and Other Things

Our Internet has been very iffy and it really bugs me. It's the same old problem that we always have that gets cured for a while and then goes back to bad. Urghhhhh!!!

Sitting and waiting for a connection I was looking through photos and thought I would go back to Christmas and first show you some of the gifts I made and then some that I received.

I got on a book kick, once the China book was such a hit (with me and only me, but that's okay). I started with the honeymoon book for Peter and Maria. I randomly chose pictures out of their 512 honeymoon pictures and made them a book. I took their wedding pictures and made Annette, Maria's mother a wedding album. I made another wedding album of Maggie and Evan's wedding. Then I decided that half the people that spend Christmas with us are getting a book so to be fair, I chose other themes for the rest.
Mike and Claudia got a book about our Girls, Bea, Bella and Chai, (their names are not only in birth order but alpha as well.)
Then I was thinking of the yearly pillows and due to this past Christmas being the 20th year of pillows, I made a book of each and every pillow, describing what, why, how and anything else I could think of and sent a copy to all 30 recipients. It was a great success.
For myself (after all, it's all about me) I made a book of all the quilts I made in the past year. I don't know that I will do it every year but it is a good way to document. I would love to go through all the suitcases (old and vintage) I have that are full of pictures and make them into books for the kids and for the future. I just may take off a year of other stuff to do that. It's in the back of my head but of course, the pictures are up north and I am freezing in Florida. I have a lot of pictures. I need to say that again; I have a lot of pictures. Gordon is flying up for meetings in less than a month and coming back with his car so maybe I will just do it; have him bring the pictures and spend the winter on it. It's foreseeable.
I got this darling pig from Annette for Christmas. It had a dress and pinafore on but I like her naked better.
If you haven't seen this book, you need to. Evan gave it to me and we have had more than a few laughs with it.
This precious little porcelain pig came from Maggie and was an ornament but I made it into an everyday pig instead by smashing down the hook ring and making the ribbon hanger into a bow. Now I can enjoy it all year round.
Maria and Peter gave me this beautiful bowl. It already has a place of honor in my display cabinet. It was a good Christmas.


Claudia said...

As the recipient of "The Girls" it is a book I will treasure forever. Those 3 sweet girls are very happy when they are all together. Even tho they sometimes ignore each other, in their "moms" heart they are best friends

dee said...

nekkid crack me up.
The books are a great gift. Who wouldn't want one?
Beautiful bowl. Kids with great taste...a gift from God.

pammyfay said...

The books are really fabulous! And Apple (and some of the other sites) makes it so easy to do (a little too limited in layout choices for my taste, tho).
If you have hard-copy photos you need to scan for a book, consider using one of the services that do it for you (slides, too). DigiPix is one. Those places do restoration work if needed and put all the images on a disk so that they're simple to upload and put into a book.

Anonymous said...

Great idea on documenting the quilts! Thanks for sharing it.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Who did you use to do the books?
It's a great idea.
I have several ideas also to do a book and will do soon.
Of course I love the "girls".

Cindra said...

I would like to know who you used to create the books, too.