Thursday, January 21, 2010

Button It Up

I need to be stopped. I am now into jewelry making. It all started with a stop in a cute little boutique and I spyed a darling necklace that was mostly buttons with some beads thrown for character. It was a hefty price of seventy bucks or around there and of course, I look at Karen and she makes the 'take a picture' charade and we were both thinking, 'we can do that'. So after a two hour trip to Michael's, a stop or two in Joann's and three trips to the bead store
I can officially call myself a beader. I have no idea what I am doing but frankly, are there rules?I have all the crap needed and if you are anything like me,
you still need more. I already had the buttons. I used to collect them from garage sales because I have always loved buttons (is that some sort of condition?)
but after awhile, with fewer and fewer people sewing, I realized that there are not that many buttons out there for me to collect. Sad. So, now I am trapped. I have the plastic containers for the parts of jewelry making and am going to a class this evening to learn how to knot pearls. Yes, I am not a kiddin'. I need a companion to live with me and follow me around so I can stop this insanity.

This ball is at the bead store and I found it amazing. It has all sorts of trinkets hooked on it and when there is bare space, it is filled in with straight pins. Click on it to see what I mean. Of course, now I want to make one of these. I need professional help.


Claudia said...

Yikes! A beader who knew?

Anonymous said...

Stop me before I craft again!!


dee said...

Great necklaces but that ball thingy is really fascinating. My MIL Dot left her huge collection of buttons to me.I think some are from her mother and sisters. Many years of buttons.
Have fun with it and just enjoy. I have to say, at least you finish things. More than can be said from here. Adult ADD makes me susceptible to too many things that cross my path.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

We will be there for an intervention for you in mid April.
Hopefully that will not be too late to cure this addiction!

Margie said...

You forgot to tell us how much you "saved" by doing this yourself.
There is probably a sub-specialty of mental health professionals for people like us.

Patricia said...

Tommy, I too love jewelry making but am hoping to learn how to make the awesome 'bib" jewelry that is so popular now. Martha Stewart had a show on "how to" but did not look that professional to me.
Pat N