Friday, January 15, 2010

Cooking The Books

I was steered to yesterday's Martha Stewart show that was all about bloggers, through my friend from California. He has repeatedly given me links to a gal out in CA who's boyfriend is a chef/owner of Manresa in Los Gatos and just happened to be on Iron Chef against Bobby Flay and won! Her name is Pim and besides being a professional blogger and eater, she is now the author of a new cookbook, The Foodie Handbook. She had a seven and a half minute segment on the show and although I was gone all day (six hours of shopping and a three hour commute (that's both ways)); Thank you Tivo!!!! Anyway Pim and Martha made Pad Thai and it looked yummy. Other bloggers on the show were her daughter Alexis and Jennifer who host the radio show 'Whatever?!?' and have a show on Fine Living (haven't seen that but have listened to the satellite radio show and love it!!!). Two other guests were Martha wannabees and were guys, but just. One was doing the Julia/Julie kinda Martha worship and is doing all the recipes in her Martha Stewart Cooking School Cookbook
and another that blogs Martha's Moments (she has to have a big head!). Anyway, I want to do the whole cookbook thing. I read the cooking school book she has and it's an excellent read but I have been there done that. I am thinking that I want to do the whole cookbook, from start to finish. My newest cookbook is by Tyler Florence, and called 'Dinner at My Place'. It's smallish and I have already made something out of it and I have only had it for a WEEK!
Dr. Tyler's Chicken Meatball and Tortellini Soup is very tasty. It calls for purchased tortellini and I put way too much in the soup originally (as you can see from this first picture). When I realized this I remade the soup to afford the overwhelming amount of tortellini. The chicken meatballs (roasted) are the Bomb!! This is a great comfort food and hit the spot for the cold weather we have been having.

Here's my thought; give me an idea of a cookbook that I can recreate, recipe by recipe and I will not give myself a deadline because I don't know what I will be into at the time so I can't do that, but will finish it because I find the idea wonderful. So far it's Tyler's unless you tell me different.

I went shopping with two fantastic gals yesterday and we walked for six or seven hours and barely needed refreshment; our shopping need was that fierce. We pretty much filled up the trunk of a midsized car so in my judgement, we did okay. I got new pots and pans and am going right now to unbox them.


maggie z. said...

i like ina better than tyler- but what the hell - i'm up for anything!

Anonymous said...

what kind of pots and pans did you purchase?

Anonymous said...

Ina is my favorite, but I wouldn't know which cookbook of hers to recommend.

I think any book you chose will be wonderful for us to watch...we will be able to watch won't we ?!? LOL


Jeri is said...

I have been reading The Pioneer Woman blog for some time now.

She has written a cookbook and recently went on tour, as well as appearing twice on the Bonnie Hunt show around Thanksgiving time. Her cookbook is The Pioneer Woman Cooks. My children gave it to me for Christmas. I love it! I love the blog, and the book is just like the blog. Beautiful, clear, step by step photos of each recipe, and often a story to go along with it about her life in OK on the ranch. The book itself is a great read, but the recipes and pictures are wonderful, too! I've made the cinnamon rolls (mmmmmm) and the chicken spaghetti. I recommend the book!

Juanita said...

I agree with Maggie Z. Do the Barefoot Contessa. Anyone of her books is fine. Great food and foolproof recipes.

Anonymous said...

Definitely think you would be happier in the end with the time you spent on Ina. I'd like to see you comment on her table landscaping as well. (This is not available from Tyler.)