Monday, January 11, 2010

Delivery From St. Louis!!

We are trying a new pet groomer this morning. I have had nightmares about the cut that my little girl got last year that was so short and horrible that she didn't need a groom for three months and the usual time span between grooms is four to five weeks. There are several to choose from and with a referral, Bella is going to the Pink Pet Parlor. The name scares me a bit. By noon I will be able to give them a yeah or a nay.

Due to our separation at Christmas, I didn't get a gift from my brother Bill and Claudia and when a box arrived from St. Louis, we were giddy. I got tons of stuff but will only show you some because you will be very very jealous and I am gonna try to keep that to a minimum.
Do you know what these are? I first thought it was a pin cushion but it's floral odor made me reconsider. I hadn't a clue so I read the little card. Fiat Luxe felted soap. They are handmade soap wrapped in wool and felted to make a soap and washcloth all in one. The wool shrinks around the soap as it is used and shrinks. You can insert a new ball of soap when it runs out by slitting the wool and inserting the soap. Very clever.
I got this wonderful book which I had never seen before and I love to be surprised this way.
I also got this Artist Journal Pages book that has tons of great graphic designs from various artists journals. It makes me want to start a journal but then I would just want to copy the work in this great book. If you get a chance, check these out at the library or bookstore.

I haven't checked out the weather today but it appears to be nicer than the last couple days. I don't have the right kind of clothes to wear in this weather so I am constantly doing laundry. This has gotta stop!


Anonymous said...

Fortunately, you know it will stop! We, however, can look forward to MONTHS more of this crap! Jealously yours,

Anonymous said...

Just in case you want to try the soap thing yourself:

Anonymous said...

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