Thursday, January 14, 2010

From Cotton Gin To Twister

This is a cute story. My friend Karen (see below) had all three of her children in Florida after Christmas to hail in the new year. With them came the spouses and the grand kids. There was fun to be had by all and sooner rather than later they had to head back north to school and work and obligations. It was barely a week later when Karen's daughter Meghan called her mom and commented on the fact that one of her twin boys, Jack, had to do a paper on an inventor and he chose Eli Whitney (I too picked him but that was in the fifties). The teacher coaxed him into picking an inventor that was just a tad more current and gave Jack a list of ten inventors. He chose the creator of the Nerf ball and the Twister game, Reynolds Guyer . After doing the typical Internet search, Jack found out a little about Mr. Guyer.

Little did he know that he had ice cream at the local ice cream parlor with the inventor with his kids and grand kids. It is such a small world. Here is Karen and Reyn himself just last night. I posed as the professional photographer. I think I pulled it off; they both look like movie stars!!


dee said...

OMG...we have every Nerf thing ever made around here. On occasion my son(now 25) still sneaks up on me and fires a round of Nerf arrows at me. Still cracks me up. When he was younger he would wait till I was at the sewing machine looking very absorbed in my sewing and then he would lock & load the Nerf super shooter. Wish I could remember playing Twister was the seventies...nuf said

spikemuffin said...

Being a fan of Reyn Spooner shirts for many years I always wondered where that name came from. Thanks!