Monday, January 25, 2010

The Happenings

I have my worker gals stuffing egg rolls. It's a skill everyone should have, just in case you find your self in need of a job. Look at the concentration of these chicks.
This is my filling for the egg rolls. Bamboo sprouts, shrimp, celery, soy sauce, and dry sherry.
And the finished product. Look at how perfect they roll.

Let's go to check out dinner.
Caprese salad,
plus a salmon dish that had a stuffing of rice, savoy cabbage, mushrooms and then

layer it all together in a puff pastry and serve with the best polenta (no picture) with a lovely mushroom marsala hunter sauce. It was a good dinner. I passed on the salmon concoction, having my salmon on the side (I have rice issues). My sisters cleaned the kitchen and I
prepared dessert. That consisted of opening up the individual ice creams (the glasses are there to show the size of the container), and

taking out a few frozen cookie dough balls (saved from making cookies last week and not wanting to eat them all in one sitting) and baking them off.

Can it get any easier?
My brother is a happy camper.


dee said...

I can't help but notice that your brother seems to have a furry, white, armrest. Someone waiting for droppings??

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