Monday, January 18, 2010

It's Golden

I got up late and now, after farting around, I have to do my bridge class homework. I will just touch on a couple things that stayed with me all night after watching the Golden Globes.

James Cameron's hair; what's with that?
Best lookin? Taylor L (don't know the rest of his name but from the new vampire movie) and Jodie Foster.
Worst dress? The girl from Big Love

Sandra Bullock came up to the podium for winning with the movie 'The Blind Side' and she started speaking German to her German family and then said 'and to my American family, put down the Maker's Mark and go to bed'.
The MC, Ricky Gervais, came back after a commercial, well into the program, with a beer and took a swig or two. He commented with something like, I've had a couple, a lot of powerful people are here, bla bla, and then said. 'I like a drink as much as the next guy, unless the next guy is
Mel Gibson.

Besides Drew Barrymore's ridiculous babble, Dexter's hat, William Hurt's icky beard and Helen Mirren again looking fabulous, that's all that comes to mind this morn. What about you? What did you wake up thinking about, that is, as far as the Golden Globes is concerned. Keep all that other stuff to yourself!!!


spikemuffin said...

Agree with that hair, it kept me up all night! Loved Jeff Bridges.

Anonymous said...

If you mean Michael Hall from Dexter...he has cancer...I think that is the reason for the hat.

Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Again, not knowing if your email is working I wanted you to know I emailed you a message of high importance.K

Anonymous said...

What is...paper pieced...???

Irene said...

I too loved Helen Mirren - what a classy lady - but what I couldn't forget is Julia Roberts awful hair - she reminded me of a horse.