Saturday, January 02, 2010

It's The Last Day

We splurged on our New Years Day menu and had an Italian sub from the grocery store. I am still feeling it's effects. I have/had heart burn and then tried to wash it away with a gallon of water in the middle of the night and only added to my discomfort by being a beached whale with heartburn. I guess a trip to the local JoAnn's might cure me.

Do you think this is true?
Is it possible that I might be one of our most valuable customers? I called and asked my sister and she said that yes, it was true.
Last time I had a 20% off any purchase, be it on sale or not, I snatched up the 50% off thread. They practically gave it away for free!!!
This is a gift I got for Christmas that I love and think it would be a nice project to do with some company.
It's three layers of felt with a felt ball sewed down to hold it all together with a pin sewn on the back. Pretty easy and fun. Guess what you are getting for Christmas?
This is another possibility for a little project. It's a velour pre quilted fabric made into a stocking with lots of fun buttons on the top. This gift came with thread and needles and a nifty gadget called a finger presser.
This wasn't a gift; I take that back, it was a gift I gifted myself while I was in China. I thought they (bought two different kinds but only brought one south) were darling and another cute and easy project to bombard some unexpected guest into doing with me.
It could be made small as a pin or necklace or as is this shows, a little purse/clutch. You could put in a zipper as this has or have a flap with or without velcro. See, the possibilities are endless.


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