Saturday, January 23, 2010

Let There Be Food

I actually didn't get a lot done in the kitchen yesterday. I got a late start and after dropping by my friend's twice before hitting the grocery, I wasted the first half of the day and what with my social engagements, I didn't finish what was on the agenda. Who cares? There's always rotisserie chicken from Sam's Club!!!

I did make Hanky Panky's and froze eight dozen. I have always hated the looks of them and last year my pal Maggie put on little garnish (maybe a smidgen of red pepper?) but I decided to use a cookie cutter and make the cocktail rye a little more appealing by being round. It helps but it's still an appetizer I would never serve at a party, due to it's look of barfed food. But the family, three of which are on their way here, love 'em, so I have to have them on hand.
Lobster ravioli and mushroom ravioli are part-way done. I have a helluva time with the pasta maker because I can't anchor it on my counter top so while I am passing the dough through the top, the pasta machine has traveled a couple feet on the counter top. When I am done with this batch today, I am going on line and figuring what to do to make this work, short of nailing or permanently gluing it down on a board or a rock!!!!
I scoured my cookbooks (don't have the best of the best down here) and got a couple new ones (okay, more than a couple) and I can't wait to devour them. With the new crock pot I am anxious to see how well it works but so far haven't given it a trial run. I got this book on dishes to freeze. I like to cook for the kids and send them home with the freezer stocked but am getting a little tired of the same old dishes; turkey tetrazzini, chicken enchiladas, lasagna, turkey chili, to name a few. And I couldn't pass up Charlie Trotter cooking at home.

Right now, my go to cookbook is 'Balthazar', a gift from my daughter, and it's from a New York restaurant that she has visited and loves. I am making four things from it for this week and will pass them along to you as I make them. Off the top of my head one dish is Fennel Gratin, another Goat Cheese Tart and that's all I can remember this morning. (Ya know, dead brain cells and all that). It's classic french, much the same as I learned at culinary school. I may have to brush up on the lingo; french cooking has it's own language, even in English. Keep you posted.

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Jeannie said...

Have you tried a piece of that rubber matting that is used to keep dishes from moving around in a motor home under the pasta maker? The ravioli looks tasty. Have fun.