Friday, January 08, 2010

Let's Go Shopping!!!

I need a new camera and because I have two batteries and the 2 GB cards for a Nikon, I guess I will be getting another one of those. I know that there are at least two new models out there. Anyone have any preference in which one they bought/like? The cameras only last me a couple years. That is probably why they are so inexpensive these days; they become ancient with all the advances made each year. I break or drop or do something life threatening to them. This camera came to it's end by my not moving the little restricting plastic when removing the battery and now it's gone so when I take pictures, the battery has to be manually held by moi. I still managed to take a couple shots while out and about.
The Art Alliance of Englewood is pretty clever.
The Christmas tree outside their digs is formed with those floaty things kids use in the pool. The top is off to the side with an ornament on it and for some reason reminds me of Dr. Seuss.
I have drilled through ceramics with the special drill bit but I don't know what to use to make the hole big enough for a candle. This calls for a trip to Home Depot. I wanna make these. I think they are very cute. Another Christmas present for next year? Close your eyes.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this box and wanted to buy it on the spot. You can't tell by looking at it but it opens. These are shells and I have no idea of what they are but the price is preventing me from buying it. Over $400!!!!! Anybody know what kind of shells they are? It measures about 8"x4"x4" and the inside box is just plain wood like something you would pick up at Michael's (which is where I am going today!)
Man's best friend that is guaranteed not to bark or chew anything. He is made out of twine. I am gonna take him to dog park and see how he fares.
These two headdresses are from Nigeria and are made by hand. They are covered with a
million (I counted) beads. They both ring up at around $700. I need to shop elsewhere.
Okay, I went elsewhere. I managed to buy two things at this store for under $10. I am quite happy with my purchases (a tiny sock monkey and a birthday card for YOU!) I got a kick out of this light by the check out. It is made to look like a fishing pole and the electrical wire is what looks like the fishing line. Very clever.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

I believe they are a type of cowrie shell. there are many different cowrie shells.

Anonymous said...

Those shells look a lot like eyeballs to me and are probably only available on a tiny atoll out in the middle of the ocean which is why the box is so expensive. The dog is very cute - looks almost like it's made with magazine or some kind of paper twists?? The headdresses are fabulous! There is no way I'd even begin thinking about stringing all those tiny beads for less than $1 million!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

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