Saturday, January 09, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action

Well, you can just forget getting a camera with the same battery and or memory card or charger because they deliberately change them so you have to buy new stuff. It was a big stunt with Sony and we quit buying any Sony products except tv's a long time ago. I do love a Nikon tho, so I went with the Coolpix S70 and mainly because the screens are touch like an iPhone and I am getting pretty used to that type of maneuvering. I got the camera just in time too because by the middle of the day yesterday, my battery wouldn't stay in at all and would have needed a major bit of finessing with some duct tape. It will now be the 'car' camera, being soon forgotten in the little cubby that holds the PetSmart card, the Gold Toe star card and that one unblemished mento that looked too white to just toss.

And don't even get me started with Best Buy. We had to wait a good half hour for anyone to help us. There are fifty cameras, fifty camcorders and one girl working the area on a Friday. She was very knowledgeable; I will give her that, but I started to walk out three different times. Fortunately for the camera, I get easily sidetracked (looking at a DVD cover that made Angelina look fat) and stuff like that.
Until my girlfriend showed me a card I had forgotten about this little print that I made last year for Christmas goodie bags and as just a little something for my gal pals. It is based on
this 4" x 4" little ditty that my sister gave me. I copied the idea but made mine a bit bigger and simpler. I just made an original and copied many times on good photo paper. This one has glitter and actual painted flowers on it. I did mine with markers. Anyway, we have a birthday dinner out with friends and then back to our house for cake (to be made later today) and this saying is very appropriate to most women my age and particularly the birthday girl, Millie.


Anonymous said...

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Cindra said...

Love the little card! I think I have laughed that hard a couple 2 or 3 times.

Susan Turney said...

Tommy, this post couldn't have come at a better time. I've never heard that "saying" and can't wait to use it. My mother passed away on Jan 3rd and she laughed that hard all the time. In fact my ex-husband would do everything he could to make her laugh and see the "tears". And then we'd all join in! At her memorial service and in all the cards I recieved that was the main theme....she was always laughing and having fun!
A wonderful bunch of memories and your post made me laugh almost that hard!!!