Sunday, January 24, 2010

More Food

These are not done yet. They will eventually be Brie Puffs but I didn't take the cheese out to soften so at nine last night, I called it a day and wrapped up the kitchen. I just finished taking the covering off the brie and when it is soft, I will mix it with strawberries and sherry and cut the cap off of my little puffs and fill 'er up. Up today? Chicken tortilla soup, egg rolls and prep for tonight's dinner. We are having a caprese salad, mascarpone-parmesan polenta and koulibiac which is very old fashioned and kinda like a salmon wellington, complete with rice and spinach in the middle of the salmon. Hopefully I will take a couple photos of it. I have never made it before.
The ravioli is the most time consuming thing to make. I have made it considerably easier by figuring out that I can use my rotary cutter and mat and ruler to cut the dough after it comes out of the pasta machine.
This is the lobster but I also made a blend of bella, shitake and crimini mushrooms for a mushroom ravioli because my sis doesn't do shell fish. It always happens; she's coming and I want to do scallops, mussels and soft shell crab. It's a curse.
I made more lobster filling than I had time to make ravioli so I made it into G's dinner. I added some skim ricotta and a little roux and voila! - his dinner.
I put it atop my newest favorite pasta in the world. It's called campanelle, and it looks like curly irises and holds sauce well, kinda like radiator pasta.
I made appetizer sized pizzas (3") and pre cooked them a bit before I froze them individually on trays and then bagged them up. That's what I do to most of what I make. Because I am not serving the ravioli til later in the week, I individually froze them too. In fact, I made lots and lots so I will have them on hand for another meal. Don't let the parmesan on the parchment paper fool you. Right before I put these pizza's in a hot oven (425º) for five minutes to set before freezing, I go over the top with a microplane and parmesan. I have a lot of over spill.
My blue cheese tarts are my personal favorite and when I am filling the freezer with bags of food, they always are on the menu.
This is the gradation of my sandwich bread that is the base for my crab roll ups. I start out with a regular sandwich bread (the soft cheap stuff), cut off the crust, flatten with a rolling pin and then pass through the pasta machine.
I use my rotary cutter to make it nice and neat,
lather on the crabmeat, butter, cheese mix and roll it up. I stick it in the freezer for a bit to just firm it up and then I take it out, brush with melted butter and roll in sesame seeds. Back in the freezer it goes and when it's real firm (frozen)

I take them out and trim off the ends and cut in individual serving size and refreeze. The kitchen is calling!!


kelly said...

Sylvain (my roommate) and I had an apartment-warming party last weekend and I TOTALLY helped him make what they call "petit roulés," which are just flattened sandwich bread with any kind of things you want to put inside, and then you roll them up and dip some crushed nuts on the ends. They're the same as your crab roll-ups. We made some with foie gras (rolled in with crushed pistachios), some with ricotta and chicken, some with carrots and left-over ricotta.

Also, when I read this line, I was scared for your pup!
" I also made a blend of bella..."

Anonymous said...

The energy you have is daunting!!

Anonymous said...

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Diane N said...

Is koulibiac the same as the Russian kulebiaka? It sounds very similar with the fish wrapped in pastry. I used to make this years ago and serve it with a sauce that had sour cream and mushrooms in it? Does your version have a sauce that it is served with?

Anonymous said...

Rice? You're making something with rice inside?? What's that about? All the rest looks scrumptious! Pjn

Susan Turney said...

You are SO making me want to cook! I love the idea of the crab roll-ups...a beautiful appetizer. All of your food looks so good. Your guests are so lucky!!!

Susan Turney said...

Ever since I read this post I've been thinking about some "olive balls" that fit right in. I'm not sure where the recipe is but you make a dough that has cheddar cheese and paprika and then wrap it around a small olive and freeze. You can't bake enough of them even if it's only you eating them!!!!!!! So good! I have to find that recipe now!