Sunday, January 03, 2010

My Demy

I have spent the last day playing with my new Christmas toy, a Demy. It is basically a cookbook. It is done through the computer and all my recipes will eventually be in it and it will be out there for all the world to see if they are interested. It has it's own cookbook (through that people like me can let their recipes out there for the public or you can choose to make them private (why?) You can go directly from a food website (Epicurious, Food Network, whatever) and easily copy it into your Demy. It will stay charged for four hours if you want to read it in the kitchen with no cord. You touch the screen and the font will become larger which I definitely think is a selling factor. Also, you can jump from recipe to recipe with the short cut button so if you are creating more than one dish, you can flip back and forth instead of looking high and low for the printout from the computer that is lost, got wet, all the stuff that happens when in the kitchen. It is very user friendly. I shall continue to play today.

I have tried and tried and Melody has tried to put two new groupings in my blog sidebar. One is to be a list of books starting now that I will post as I finish them. The other is to post separately on the side a link to any recipes I make that someone may be interested in printing out. I can get as far as the layout page and get the two new folders on the page but after I save them and then pick 'view blog with changes', there aren't any. I have unsuccessfully contacted Blogger for help but none has come as yet. I shall be patient.


Colleen Kole said...

I tried to put new groupings in too and it's not working-not that I am technologically savvy at all...but it just wants to go below my postings...

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