Saturday, January 16, 2010


I probably should have unpacked my kitchen goodies right away because I think my crock pot had a baby. I have been thinking about a crock pot for a couple years. I must be the last holdout because I have never had one but I hear about them from various dj's on the Martha satellite radio and was too lazy to do any homework on them. In the end, I let the price point be my guide as to which one to buy. I could go for this 5 qt. ceramic insert one for $30 (with the baby inside) or pay $99 for the Cuisinart brand that Karen has or another one that has a stainless steel insert that you can put on your cooktop to brown first. I didn't feel the need to invest a lot of moo-la into something that I have no comfort level with. I am happy with my fertile choice.
I went to the kitchen store with the complete idea of getting the new dishwasher safe Unison Calphelon pots and pans but then did a complete 360 and went with the new brand of clad Henckels. I swear by the knives and love the look of these new to the market ergonomic handled beauties.
They sure won't look like this for long!!!!! I love a new pot. It makes me giddy. When I was unpacking them I noticed that each piece came in it's own 'shoe bag' (as G likes to call them) and now we are the proud parents of 14 black drawstring bags that we can't pitch. Oh dear, my carbon footprint is massive today!!! And to make it worse, not only were the pieces bagged, but the boxes even had sleeves of more cardboard on them. I was starting to break the boxes down and thought of my gingerbread houses and the pathetic bases of this past gingerbread house party
and stopped the recycling and brought to the kitchen my self healing mat and rotary cutter and made myself a couple dozen cardboard platforms for the upcoming 2010 gingerbread house party. G just looks at me with a 'I can't even believe it' look. I am what I am.

Thanks to all of you who contacted me about the cookbook recommendations. I have decided to go with the last of the Ina Garten books,
'Back To Basics'. I love her and so far my favorite book is the Paris one but I have never made one thing out of this book so I am going to dedicate my Julia/Julie copycat idea to this Ina book. Just as long as I don't have to hear her talk about Jeffrey. I want to gag when his name is brought up.
I was gonna do this book, and I think I partly chose it initially because of the 'not the cutest kid I have ever seen' on the cover playing the drums with pots and pans on the floor. Very homey. Also, since this book was done, they (Tyler and wife Tolan) have had a baby girl and they named her Dorothy. She is gonna spend her life saying, no I am not from Kansas. It was their decision.

I have completely ruined my blog look and placement of stuff. I spend part of every day trying to add two lists to my sidebar and all I end up doing is screwing up everything else. I hate the mechanics of these blogs. I am growing weary of having my book list (so far I have finished 'The Help' (Stockett) and reread 'Rebecca' (DuMauier)). The recipe list is sadly not forming as I had hoped. Oh well.


Margie said...

Ina is my favorite from the food chanel. One of the blogs I read had a post on her and Jeffery and her gay friends. Hysterical! Wish I knew where it was so you could read it. Lots of luck with the project. I'll be looking forward to reading about it.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen this blog?

She (Stephanie O'Dea) also wrote a cook book, Make It Fast, Cook It Slow: The Big Book of Everyday Slow Cooking. I bought this one and 3 others for a Christmas present for myself.

Anonymous said...

Teilweise ziemlich verwirrend!

Anonymous said...

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