Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Swap

As I have already said, I too love Ina Garten. I chose 'Back to Basics' for my Julia/Julie moment but after again looking through the book and after talking to my daughter about it, I have decided not to do that book. It is too basic. I am now debating a trip to the bookstore or going back to my Tyler Florence, 'Dinner at My Place' first choice. I'll keep you posted.

Here's one of the bedrooms I redid last Sunday. It was the perfect day for a job like that; cold.
Here is the before picture. The typical non de-script beige feeling room that just never felt like me. The problem was that everything that I didn't want to replace was pale yellow and yellow is not the current bedding color and hasn't been for a few years. When I finally found yellow, I
made the change. I always put three pillows on my queen guest beds and so had an extra pillow case so made the contrasting pillow to go with. I took the little prints by the headboard down and changed the white mat to yellow.
I took the stretched quilt off the wall and painted two plain pale yellow parts in each block (it was originally paper pieced) a more vivid yellow to go with the comforter. I used fabric paint.
It turned out perfect. I like a simple room because it takes less effort and isn't a dust collector. All this room needs is a new throw. I will get to that.

The room next door got an update too but I neglected to take a before so I can't give you a comparison. I changed the bedding to brighter but with the same basic coloring. I made this contrasting pillow out of my hand dyed stash.
I needed to glam up this paper pieced snails trail that I stretched over a frame to go with the new uplifted color scheme.
So out came the paint again I wanted this to be a little less solid reading and more textured so I mixed a little paint as I went, using turquoise and white and black so it wasn't an even color. I am pleased with the final look. Then with the swapping out of a candle, a vase and a different picture, the transformation was complete.

Today, I am going to clean the studio if it kills me.


Anonymous said...

What a creative and impressive transformation! That silver artwork over the yellow bed looks interesting. Where did you get it?

Donna said...

I love how you painted the quilts, great idea. Your blog is a great read. I think you should do the recipes of Tyler Florence (I love him!)

Anonymous said...

I think you should do betty crocker

dee said...

Eric Ripert, Le Bernardin...there's a challenge for you. You could do it too!