Sunday, January 31, 2010

Tipsy About TipTeeToe

I feel a bit guilty that I haven't blogged for two days. Everything kinda jumped up and took over and I even neglected to photograph craft day or the dinner party that we all had so much fun planning and working on. Suffice it to say, the dinner was perfection, due to all my helpers. Had a blast and I am a creep for not sharing. Sorry. Anyway, that was Thursday and then on Friday the house cleared out, siblings going north to try to outrun the storm (they didn't but are home safe and sound anyway) and we three (G and Me and Mag) headed to Orlando for the much anticipated show to see if there was a Tiger spotting (not really).
Micky, my friend, as apposed to Mickey Mouse, was the reason for the trip. We were excited to be a part of the 2010 PGA Merchandise Show. This was the very first public viewing of the much anticipated 'coming out' of the Tip Tee Toe shoe.
If for no other reason, M&M's got me to the booth but the shoes were the big hit. Micky really lucked out in getting a much traveled corner spot to highlight her new patent pending wedge golf and all around comfort shoe. Also, there was a new product section (which she was in also) and it was right in front of her corner spot. This show was not open to the public. Only golf people (like me - not! another lie) were admitted. G and Me and Mag were independent reps and so had our own (liar liar pants on fire) name tags.
Pretty cool, huh? We wore them to dinner and to bed.
This is the show take away to remind all those pro shop guys of how brilliant these shoes are.
There was even a write up on the shoe (the red pair in the corner bottom right) in the PGA magazine AND Micky was interviewed for a stint today on ABC but we don't know when. I have the day taped!!!!
It was a blast; pretending to be someone and something important and having big muckety mucks (Jack, Arnold, Lopez, ya know; the peeps) giving us the spiel was pretty cool.
Micky is marketing her shoe, and rightly so, as a golf shoe first (spikeless) but a shoe for anyone on their feet for a long time, because it is so ergonomic and comfortable. Teachers, nurses, hair stylists will love to wear these shoes. And the colors!!!!! The bomb!!!!
The bands on the shoes are interchangeable and can match any outfit. I remember having the Gucci watch that you could change the band around the face (or was that Swatch? Guess?) and I so loved that. This is kinda the same allure to me, and obviously others because the buzz at the show was the Tip Tee Toe shoe.
Here is some of her booth. If you look closely at the board on the right, you can see that Micky has Jill, a fellow bowler and darling girl modeling the different colored shoes at the market, at work, at the BAR, at the park, etc. and the shoe looks well in all environs. If this shoe isn't the biggest thing since sliced bread, I will eat my hats (and I have a lot of hats!).
Standing back, I took a shot of the booth when the show just opened. It was very cute but I couldn't get a good shot because it was always swarming with people. That's a good thing!!

The show was massive, and mostly men (great place for looking for love in all the right places, Jean Ann). The Nike booth (massive booth by the by) had no pictures of Tiger but had all the other endorsers boldly shown. Callaway, AHead and Nike had the biggest spots. There were the usual suspects, and tons of places for the fellows to try their swings and help their game. I got bored with it very quickly. So then it was time to hit the Orlando Outlets and I was very successful there.
I think I have seen this building in a group of crazy buildings (I even blogged them way back when) but it was up close and personal in the neighborhood we were in in Orlando. It is some sort of kids hands on museum or some such thing.
All I know is that you have to pay to get in and it has a big gift shop catering to kids (Maggie stuck her head in while I was taking the pictures. This was on our walk from the convention center to our hotel.
And so was this, and it was parked outside a restaurant called Lobster Feast so maybe a delivery vehicle? It's pretty cute, whatever it is. I want one.
I have so much to share but this blog has taken two hours to post due to slight slips in my attention. I will leave you with a very funny road side display of AirStream camper/trailers. I saw this going to Orlando and so on the way home we looked high and low for it again so I could photograph it and so if you heard that some car was on I75 in a 70 mph zone going 30 for a photo op, that would have been us.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

Great post!

spikemuffin said...

Loves it when you talk that golf talk!

dee said...

Glad you had a great time. Those shoes are so very cool. Are they available nationwide(I have nurse friends who would love them)or just in Fla. One of the nurses lives in Ormond Beach.
I really really want that car.

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Corky said...

I hope the shoes are a success. Do you know the price point?

Anonymous said...

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regina said...

hmm, what's up with the Louisville post and the investment post???? Great info on Micky's shoes, but come on === no mention of moi???? I feel neglected...........