Saturday, February 20, 2010

B and B

Our college friends are here and we had a blast going bar hoppin' last night. We haven't done that in a very long time. When our kids were little we went up to Friendship, Wisconsin to bring in the New Year and they were always what we called 'The Longest Days'. The kids would get up at the crack of dawn and by ten a.m. we had already gone through all our bag of tricks. We were usually with another couple too so we would take turns going out on the snow mobiles and go bar hoppin'. What a hoot that was.
Tonight we are taking our visiting friends along with some local pals to a fund raiser called 'Boots and Bandanas'. I have my boots ready (that's a horseshoe crab shell I used for a prop- horse shoe, get it?)

I decided we needed props for our group so I assembled some materials -
and the first prototype of our horse. I am making changes in my head as I type but the biggest
hurdle was how to secure the broom handle to the head securely. I had already drilled holes in the end of the broom handle and when the guys came home from golf we put our heads together and found the solution. Now I need to find just one more broom handle. It's funny, but most of my brooms suspiciously look like whisk brooms now. Hummmm.

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