Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Should You Eat Lentils For Lent?

This is left over tomato sauce that I froze in dollar store ice trays to use when I need less that the contents of a can. I do it with stock, broth, and whatever would otherwise be pitched. The more I do it, the more green it seems to be to me. Ya know, that ole' footprint is getting bigger and bigger.

It was Fat Tuesday yesterday and we went to a Mardi Gras themed pot luck that was very fun and fattening. Today is the first day of lent and I still haven't decided if I am gonna give up something. High on my list to give up is laundry and grooming. I am still debating on what to choose. I may consider asking those around me.

I was gifted these wonderful bottles of olive oil and vinegar by
this chick Martha ,who came for a sleepover with her hubby John (our boys went to preschool together) and sis Dorothy who brought along her hubby Gerry. Oh yeah, they came with the dogs of yesterday's blog.
.I made them this dessert made up of a graham cracker crust and caramel and bananas and whipping cream topped with bittersweet chocolate and cinnamon. It was a hit and except for watching that the caramel didn't burn (which just means you have to stay in place for forty five minutes and stir on occasion), it was very simple.

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Melody Johnson said...

I'm with you on the laundry and grooming. Ha!