Monday, February 08, 2010

Can You Believe This?

Gettin' hungry? This is a jelly roll. It consists of strips of fabric that are coordinated and are 2 1/2" wide and the length of the fabric (usually around 44"). They are convenient and save lots of hunting down an assortment of fabrics that would look well together. Often times they also come with a quilt pattern that the jelly roll would fit in nicely with. This is definitely a gimmick to sell more fabric but it sure works! I want everyone I see. There are other groupings of fabrics and they have all sorts of names - triangles are packaged as Turnovers - smaller strips have names like mini cupcakes or muffins and I could go on and on but that's for another blog entry.

That is because now (drum roll) for some of the stuff my gals have made in this last week.
This quilt top is called 'Tube Top' (love the name) and Anne did it with a jelly roll of batiks and a dark and light batik she threw in for good measure. It went together very quickly.
Peggy did this with a jelly roll too and it's called 'Box Squares'.
So as to not being outdone, Jean Ann did this 'A Rising Star' that contained a jelly roll also and she finished up the whole top last night.
Here is a closeup of the blocks before sewn together.
This fun top that was done by Peggy consists of a courthouse steps block pattern and it looks like a party is going on when you look at it. We all want to make one now.

This is Anne's 'Hunters Star' and it was made with a new gadget she got at International Quilt Festival last fall in Houston. It's a very interesting procedure to come up with the end result and I will show you it in detail in a day or two.
This is the half square triangle top that Peg did and it is now bordered and ready for quilting.

I myself, spend a lot of time taking pictures and therefore don't have quite as much to show you but
I am very proud of all the bobbins I filled. I like the look so much that I am debating whether to crack into this stash and get a sewin' or just stare at it for a day or two. I will ponder it some more.


Irene said...

They are all beautiful! Is the Hunters Star gadget the one by Deb Tucker? I bought one last year at MQX but STILL haven't used it. I'm anxious to hear which one she used and if it's as easy as it's supposed to be.

dee said...

I've made two quilts using jelly rolls and one from a Honey Bun. They also have turnovers-half square triangle units. My friends gave me some more for Christmas so I have a few jelly rolls to go. Hoffman makes them in Batiks and calls them Bali Pops
I'll e-mail you a ink for them.
They're the nicest people and fast, accurate delivery. Great sales too.
Have fun!

Ellen in Marylan said...

Where do you find the colored bobbins??? I must know. :-)

I love the shots of all the quilt tops. Just like going to my retreat - energized me to tackle something new. (like I don't have in-progress stuff to work on). LOL!

- Ellen