Sunday, February 07, 2010


It started out as a very innocent carefree ride on the golf cart to take some pictures that may later be used in some quilt or other.
Peggy was manning the controls as Bella watched her rear as copilot and Anne just looked dazed and confused (a look I have seen more regularly these days). I was in the back seat doing what I do best; telling everyone what to do. We went here and there and got about five miles from our original destination and as luck would have it, we were slowing down and the cart was barely moving. Our first instinct was to plop down in the closest bar and wait it out (wait what out?) but we all realized we didn't have any money and Bella was under age.

After pondering all possibilities we decided to call Jean Ann who we left home to hold down the fort. Peggy said that she left her cell phone right next to Jean Ann but didn't know if she would pick up. We called over and over but she didn't pick up. We later found out that she was wondering who was so persistent but figured it wasn't her business and let it go.
So, first Anne and I hopped off, thinking a lighter load (we had a big lunch out) would speed things along and for a while it did. That copilot; she was amazing.
We had helpers stop and finally a great guy and his son saw the stopped cart in front of his house and came to our aid. We pushed the cart to his garage and charged it for a while and waited for my BFF Karen (who I called) to come and save us.
Karen came with a neighbor and friend, Don, and together they came to our rescue. The kind man who let us charge took the cart back to the path.
He said goodbye to Bella and we thanked him. We let the cart go until it was out of juice (a good mile) and then all scurried around
to tie the carts together.
I just noticed that this picture has a bite out of it. I actually think I am taking the pic behind Anne's white coated arm.
I was first steering the failed cart with Peggy but Bella was in the lead cart and was crying so we stopped and handed her off to our cart. Then she proceeded to cry for Anne (her fave) and so the caravan stopped once again and both she and I got into the lead cart leaving Peggy to steer on her own. Obviously, all involved were dog lovers. That seemed to calm the excited canine and so we got back on the road and got home in one piece and had a nice tale to tell.

Post Script: The cart was in desperate need of water (who knew?) and because of that was leaking acid and therefore wouldn't hold a charge. I am a bit like Diane Keaton in 'The Baby Boom'; I don't care where the water comes from; I just want it to work when I turn on the faucet.
I may have to rethink that.


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

The moral of the story?
Always have your camera with you so you can document your "adventure"!
I'm going to go check the water in my golf cart right now!

Anonymous said...

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Cindra said...

When I finally get my golf cart transportation (I am so envious) I will remember this important information.