Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Our company is gone and once again I am alone (but I always have my G). The interval between friends coming was to be very short because Micky was to arrive for her long awaited visit today. Unfortunately, I opened my big mouth and suggested that she put off the visit for awhile due to the less than favorable weather. She is a beach gal and there is no beaching going on here until the weather hits 70ยบ or more for at least an hour a day. That, we are still waiting for. Micky has rescheduled and we will see each other later on in March. I will play catch up in the mean time.

Bridge playing seems to be getting easier. I shucked the homework and the reading and just listened to the instructor for the last three weeks and it seems to help. I refuse to obsess about the game as I was leaning toward just that. After all it's just a card game. The informal games we have been playing, helping each other and even showing our hands when needed is helping a lot for me. Plus, I am meeting lots of new friends and that in itself is a good thing.
I have some shirts and bags that have all different colored splatters on them that I purchased way back when. They are each individual colors and none of them have run together so the process to do the splatter has to have some kind of additive to either make it dry immediately or to make it each color stand alone without invading the other colors. If you just splattered color, one at a time, it would take you days and days to do one go round. I have some clothing that I have ruined with dye and thought I could reconstitute them by doing some splatter work on them. Anyone out there have any idea as to how I would go about doing this? I am guessing that some type of appliance is used to splatter too as they seem to be very cleanly done. I know nothing about an air brush but maybe something like that? Give me your thoughts.
I walk by this massive basket that is sitting on my dining room table a million times a day. It is completely filled with chocolate; all shapes and kinds and flavors. It was what I came home
with from the fund raiser auction. I bid and bid and bid on it until it was mine. My thought was to donate it to another auction coming up in a couple weeks but when I volunteered it, it was turned down. Now I have the word out to find a place to donate it. My first thought as was G's, was to give it to the school. It took two seconds for both of us to come to the realization that it was a very bad idea. Now, on the list of possibilities to gift this 24" basket crammed full of goodies is an assisted living community or maybe a shelter. All I know is that I am gonna have to hide it from plain sight or that cellophane is gonna get ripped off and I am gonna invade. If you see me bouncing off my shoulder pads you will know that I caved.


Anonymous said...

Two things. The spatter is made in a paint room with the garment on a turn a turntable and is a lot more work to get that effect than it may seem.
And second and this is too funny:
I refuse to abscess about the game

I know you meant obsess but the abscess is hysterical. Don't ever change

Tommy said...

I had to change the word abscess; thank you because mostly my mind and my fingers (and spelling knowledge) do not jive. Also, after your comment, I realize that I should have said spatter rather than splatter. Do I have to put on an addition to have my paint room?

Mary Ann said...

There is the tooth brush effect where the paint is spritzed with your finger off the toothbrush, there is a small tool that is dipped in ink and then twisted to splatter paint. And then there is dropping it from an eye dropper. The higher you hold the eye dropper the better the splatter. All need gloves and aprons.

Anonymous said...

How about a Humane Society..or a Womens Shelter or a Boys & Girls Club....as a (fundraiser)raffle donation?


PS As for "how to achieve spatters"???? that is all I have on my reading glasses. Do ya think it is time to clean 'em?

Anonymous said...

Women's shelter.

Cindra said...

Hmmmm... I guess suggesting you send the basket my way would not only seem selfish, but foolish... being diabetic... but it sure does look good.