Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Colum McCann

Is this guy dreamy or what? He is an Irishman who just happens to be an award winning novelist and his name is Colum McCann. That is a pretty Irish name, don't ya think?
We were invited to a private reception for his new book,
'Let The Great World Spin' winner of the National Book Award. He is a delightful man and as you would probably guess, a magnificent story teller. Did I mention that he is easy on the eyes?
I got my book autographed and I always feel a little silly when I do that but then I put myself in the author's place and wouldn't I be tickled pink if someone wanted that from me? This may be a contender for the next Book Club read. I am reading, 'Loving Frank' by Nancy Horan and I am enjoying it thoroughly. The author had a very mellow way of writing.

There is just no good segue for this so I won't even try. Have you heard that after you pop the cork on champagne and don't finish the whole bottle that you can stick a spoon handle in the top and it will preserve the bubbles? My BFF Maggie told us of this tip and we put it to the test.

This bottle has been opened and spooned in the refrig for ten days.
Sunday night we took it out and poured it in a glass. We did indeed get bubbles. There weren't a lot but then who leaves a bottle for that long anyway? As someone said, and I think it was Anne, 'When we open a bottle of champagne, there is nothing to preserve left!' I checked it out on line and there are those who yeah and nay and I am jumping in the yeah line.

And lastly, I got a crazy message on my iPhone yesterday from BFF Maggie and she was talking to me and what seemed to be a drive through cleaners attendant and in between the conversations she got across that she was just coming back from her lawyer and she changed her will giving Grace Kelly to me if, God forbid, anything should happen to her, like say, accidentally falling in my pool with no one around to help her get out and maybe she doesn't know how to swim?


Kay Koeper Sorensen said...

The only better looking Irishman I know is my nephew in law!
He was born and raised in Ireland but now lives in the US.
Hasn't written any books but he sure writes a lot on Facebook.

dee said...

Oh My, he's a handsome one. How's the book?

Susan Turney said...

Iphones....have you tried the app "Words with friends"? It's scrabble that you can play with friends or strangers at your own pace. I have 2 games going now and it just "alerts" me when the opponent has played. There's a free version and a 2.99 one. I started free but then paid so I didn't have to get the ads. Very fun to do when you have a free moment. One game went on for 5 days!