Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dollar Power

I found that I needed to kill some time while waiting for Bella's grooming to finish and so I went to the Dollar Tree. I needed to get some more of that soft plastic mesh on a roll that you use to put under throw rugs. I cut it up and use it to put between serving dishes that are different sizes and shapes so they don't chip or scratch each other. That's all I had in mind.
That is, until I saw these ear buds. The ones I am using are only in one ear (which I really don't mind) because one stopped working and so I figured I'd cut the useless one off and it still works. The problem is the base that hooks into the iPod is almost threadbare, due to being put in and out so many times. Why not, for a buck!! Then I saw the tissue which I got for the goodie bags for Maggie's wedding and was highly impressed with the soft quality and because I am now out of them, I bought more (8 packs for a buck).
Assorted tropical jelly belly beans are sometimes needed, right? When you gotta have just a little something? I am very curious about this USB that has the other end that fits my 35mm camera and it's retractable. I haven't tried it yet. This anti itch stick, if it works like the brand name one I use all the time, (that is, when it's above 70ยบ) will be a money saver.
Since going green (somewhat) and not buying paper or plastic, I tend to run out of drinking glasses before it's time to run the dishwasher so here's another 18 for $18. They are very cool, not seconds in any way that I can see and they have the grooves at the base to hold your fingers to guard against slippage. Ya gotta love a good dollar store.

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What about all that packaging material???
I am just saying......