Friday, February 19, 2010

Eagle Eye

Every time we take our power walk (we call it that for the dog's sake; she knows it's with the short leash and she will be totally exhausted by the time the 50 minutes are up) we love to check out our neighbor who lives in a tree.
It's an eagle. The dad protects the nest by guarding it. There are eaglets and the mom in the nest.
There are rules about doing any type of construction or general noise making when it is nesting season. The house across from the nest had to halt outside construction until after the season when the eagles have left for the season. This family comes back every winter to add to their brood.
This is me, Dee and Karen. Dee is over from New Smyrna Beach visiting Karen and to meet me because we found out that we were in the same sorority at the same university and would have known each other way back when if I had come a year earlier or she had stayed a year later. It is such a very small world.


dee said...

One of our Florida cousins lives in NSB, the other in Ormond Beach. They are both natives-very rare there. Nice picture of you lovely ladies-all bundled up in FL-how unusual. Hope it warms up real soon.

Corky said...

The eagles are very cool. Do you get to see the fledglings when they attempt to leave the nest?