Tuesday, February 02, 2010


When my brother was in college (I think, although I know he was at home at the time) he cut off his index finger with a saw. We lived in a small town and my mom took him to the pediatrician (convenient) and all I seem to remember is that the cut off part of the finger was held tightly in the palm of someones hand and maybe put in milk to preserve it and they managed to sew it back on. Due to the accident the finger has a curve to it and I recall giving him a pair of gloves for the following Christmas. Bill can lift up his finger and it directs you in the same direction, no matter what. This is what is in my recollection of what happened but I often fabricate and/or slip in parts of dreams to my reality.

Anyway, during dinner preparation last week I noticed this fingerling potato that reminded me
exactly of the finger so I had to roust my bro out of the man cave to prop his creepy finger next to the potato. He is nothing if not a trooper. Here we have the photo op of said finger and potato, in harmony.
Grace Kelly is leaving me today with her mom Maggie. She has to give up her bedroom for the group that are coming in tonight. Peg, Jean Ann and Anne are coming for a week of fun filled quilting, gabbing, gossiping (about YOU!) and eating. I asked Grace Kelly to pose for a picture and she
definitely lives up to her name. She is statuesque. I will miss them both but I know they will be back soon. After all, they just live across the state.


dee said...

Wow, I thought those potatoes in the store today looked very Bill-like. The resemblance is amazing.

Grace is her usual beautiful self. Is she pissed to be dispatched from the premises?

Wish I was there to gossip too! I have such a bunch of dish about a famous person in my village who is doing (ahem) stuff with another well-known person-in the parking lot of a public building-Holy Crap!! I can hardly stand it!!!

Needs to Know said...

What else happened to that finger?

maggie z. said...

we are happy to come back to our new -old home, and miss you all already!!

Susan Turney said...

The finger story and the pic made me LOL! That's why I keep coming back!!