Thursday, February 04, 2010

Holey Moses

Two down, two to go. Maggie made four meals out of this new cookbook of mine,
and so far it's definitely a hit. This should be a show on the Food Network, Cook for a Day, Eat For A Month. Not only did Mag make fresh casseroles, but she also gave us the cooking instructions and the calorie, fat, sodium and all those other things that we HAVE to know now and somehow everyone in the world lived just fine without all that info as little as thirty years ago!!!!
ProvenČŠal Pork was last nights fare and it was very yummy. I do however have an issue with fingerling potatoes and for the second time in a week, did not approve of their texture and will no longer have them on any menu of mine. We had a leftover 1 1/2 pound of them and used them in this recipe and don't get me wrong, we ate like pigs, but the potatoes were not a texture that I find delightful and in the future will choose redskin babies.
Check out the casserole the night before that Mags made (who went back to her new house in West Palm Tuesday) made for my new company that had just arrived; Jean Ann, Anne and Peggy. They flew in Tuesday and were frightfully hungry when they arrived and all I had to do was plop in one of the meals that Maggie made into the oven.

Somehow I am now the proud supplier of the bedding for the Moses Baskets that get filled with my baby quilt and lots of other goodies thanks to Catholic Charities. These are given to the
newborns at a migrant worker facility. The basket itself is the regular kind you get at a discount store. It is lined with fabric that has elastic around it to hold it in place. It has plastic covered foam in the bottom and a sheet (more like a pillow case) covering it.
I am making a sample today (this one was given to me as a sample) to see if I can cut out some steps and do this efficiently so by basket ten I won't be pulling my hair out. I'll show it to you tomorrow.

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