Monday, February 01, 2010

Let's Clean Up Our Act

And G won't let me have two dogs because they are too hard to handle when walking. Look at him! With Chai, Grace Kelly, Bella and Bea, he's a natural!!!!

These dogs are all on expandable leashes too. I bet that wasn't easy. But how do you say no, when someone has to go and decides not to do it in the living room?

Chai is all in by the end of the day. Dog park, following Mike's every move and trying to eat everything in sight is exhausting.
I decided to give Bea a bath. She was as calm as she could be. Bella (and before her, Mazy) shake (shook) when I gave them a bath like they are in a que for the inquisition.
Maybe I should have posted this picture first. She is a little grimy and in need of a nice cleansing. Traveling from St. Louis is not easy.
How did these get in here? I had a closet full of filthy sandals and they are the only kind that my orthodic fits in so I took a chance and washed them in the washing machine. They are like new. I had so much sun screen on them and it all came out. Amazing what you can put leather and pleather through. I feel like I spent a month shopping for new shoes.
It's a bit cold this morning (58ยบ) and so GK has her sweater on. For some reason, she seems to like this pile of unfolded clothing. I snapped the pic and then wrapped her in a blanket and held her (just for effect) and when I let her go
she went back on the pile. I would like you to think that it was because it just came out of the dryer and was nice and toasty but naw, it was sitting there since yesterday. She never even thought to mount it then. What's up with this knucklehead?


dee said...

Queen of the hill! Very funny bath shots. Love those pups.

Anonymous said...

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