Friday, February 26, 2010

My Friend Joanne

This month, our book club met to discuss 'Loving Frank' at Joannes. I have to share a itty bitty portion of her beautiful home and art.
How about this chair that she had recovered with yo-yo's and grandmothers flower garden? Isn't it amazing?
Her bedroom is so gorgeous that I wanted to jump in bed. I asked her if she really used it or whether it was just for show, it was so perfect.
This crocheted hammock on her porch is exquisite. It appears to be hand made but I am just guessing at that.

Joanne is an amazing artist. She has a whole series of these little characters that have mega
personalities. I just love them.
There is a whole wall of these wonderfully graphic paintings and they each
have three dimensional parts to them.
Each one of these have distinctive coloring and character but they all share the 3D parts. These
suspended elements appear to be painted and then cut out and laminated and
float on the surface of the canvas
suspended with fishing line.
You can't live by the water and not have some fishy paintings too.
Each work that Joanne does has it's own great qualities.
Oh, this character piece should have been with the others. It is the only one that I saw that didn't have the 3D pieces on it.
She can do beautiful florals too. Can this girl do everything?
Even her own Mona Lisa. What a gal.

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dee said...

The chair is gorgeous and the bedroom...OMG that's too beautiful to use. Makes me feel like a slob just looking at it.
Her paintings are a delight. I love the 3 dimensional bits so much. Mona Lisa is just the best.