Friday, February 12, 2010

New Stuff

I woke with a start this morning. I had a very bad thought and it ended up to be true. I had Gordon bring two queen sized quilts from home when he returned Tuesday because I committed to auctioning them off in two separate fund raisers. I was glad to see that I could use one of the quilts but the other one was a University of Indiana quilt and for some reason I didn't think the Child Welfare auction in Florida would be clambering for it. The quilt I thought I could use and it was the cause of my waking abruptly? It was the first one I did on my new longarm and it was not quilted to my liking; I just looked it over and it has several unquilted areas and very badly spaced designs. Therefore I have to do a quilt this weekend for an auction next weekend so I guess my social life, talking on the phone and just talking are going on sabbatical until I can whip up a new quilt.
My new iron from Canada will help me speed things along. My friends used it this past week and swear by it. It's got lots of sounds it makes and frankly I haven't used it enough to comment on it but after this weekend, I will be able to give a full description on it's virtues. Carol, a doll from Tennessee told me about it and even though that was months ago, I finally found it on sale via on line from JoAnns.
Also new? My Kodak ESP 7 . My last printer died when the girls were here. We over worked her and she just pooped out on us. That's why I don't invest in ink ahead of time anymore. The printers cost $130 and the ink costs almost half that much. What do you do with the ink when the printer fails?
Last but not by any means least is my electric pasta maker. I have yet to use it because it came in the mail the day my last group of visitors came and so it will have to wait a bit before it's audition but I love it already because it is red and it is heavy and will stay in place so you can use your hands for holding the pasta and not holding down the crappy pasta machine.

I am off to start my piecing. I am going to lock the door and turn off the computer and phone.


dee said...

ooooooo, irons and printers and pasta OH MY!!

Claudia said...

Won't bother you while you're sewing-on-deadline, of course, but I'll be interested in your new iron review when you get to it. I have a love-hate relationship with the irons of the world and am on a perpetual search for the Holy Grail. -cds