Saturday, February 27, 2010

Not Quite Right

My sweet little niece Beatrice, from St. Louis, has recovered perfectly from her surgery
to get rid of her troubling kidney stones. She has been plagued with various symptoms ( peeing a lot was the biggie) and now she will be as good as new. It's almost like going to a spa. She went from almost 12 pounds to a svelte 9. She is now strutting her stuff. She also had her teeth cleaned. This picture of her on the chair was taken when she was here last month. For some reason the dogs decided that wanted to get up on the table so to eliminate that, we pushed all the chairs under the table except for the two that don't go all the way under and those be put far enough away so they couldn't use them as a device to get elevated. She's not the sharpest tool in the shed and so just sat in the chair, wondering what changed.
Here is Bea, after the chair picture, when we decided she may be a bit seedy looking and so I gave her a bath. She was as calm as can be.
I ordered eight bar stools for my kitchen on January 3rd from a company that advertises that they ship in 7 to 10 days. LIARS. I got them yesterday, after seven weeks. I was very excited to
open up the boxes and so G got out his trusty pocket knife and opened the first one. It was solidly packed. This company hasn't heard about the human footprint as yet. Anyway, the first one was out and looked perfect until I noticed the height. We carried it into the kitchen and
it fortified my suspicion that it was on the short side. They sent 24" bottoms instead of 30". I immediately thought I had ordered wrong and went to check my order and phew, I ordered right; they shipped wrong. After several calls I now have to keep these boxes and bottoms, take the tops out of the boxes and wait until 8 30" bottoms come. I only hope I am still in Florida to receive the order!!!!


Gerry said...

Is there nothing easy?
Seems like so many of the things we do involve so much more effect than it should.
No, I'm not really a negative person, but everything becomes so involved.


Lori said...

It's like SNL's Rosanne Rosanadana used to say,"It's always something! If it's not one thing it's another" Hope they handle this part quicker than the last part!! grrrrr

Lori in VA