Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Star of the Hunt

The weather is oh so tiring as a conversation topic these days. Yes, it is 45ºand yes, I am in southwest Florida but the alternative is that I am not wearing gloves and boots and having my running nose freezing mid drip. I don't have the proper clothes down here to dress like I would like but I do have a washer and dryer and there is always layering. I am perfectly content to ride out this cold wave exactly where I am. I am sick of talking about it. It is what it is.

The Hunter's Star ruler looks like it could do brain surgery all on it's own. I looked at it and
backed off (but I did it to take the picture of the others looking suspiciously at the foul ruler).
Anne took it all in stride, explaining this and that and why, of all things, ironing was very important.
It appears in this picture that Peggy is looking to land herself a job as a hand model. Why she is doing what she is doing is beyond me. Pointing at nothing? Peggy? Therapy? But you can see the parts being cut away and becoming part of the star.
This is the other end and Anne is ever so calmly lining up her next cut. On go the half square
triangles and before you know it
we have got ourselves a block (not sewn together as yet). I did go to Quilters Cache and there is a paper pieced Hunter's Star but can you imagine the mess at the central point
of this block? There would be a hump that would put a dromedary to shame. I am wincing at the thought.
It's a beautiful block and together with all the other beautiful blocks, it makes a striking finish. Toooooo Cheyyyyy.

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Beth in TN said...

So do you NOT get the middle bump using this method??