Monday, February 15, 2010

Under The Banyan Tree

Today is supposed to be the warmest in a couple weeks.  We are hoping for high 60's.  We have friends coming for a sleepover today and so a little 'out and about' is definitely in order.  Hopefully we won't need all our winter garb.  I am keeping my fingers crossed.

There is nothing like a banyan tree to get our attention.
No matter how many times I look at banyan trees, there is always something new that I notice about them.
They always conger up Merlin kind of thoughts.
This one has become host for what looks like a house plant that I used to grow (when I could still grow something without killing it).

Doesn't it look like a massive philodendron?
Someone cleverly put an aggregate stepping stone on top of a random root to  make a little chair.
This appears to be a large tangle of vines. 
And here are four professional models that we happened upon in our travels.


Anonymous said...

Those gals are AWESOME!

Anonymous said...

Too late for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit addition, I assume. Oh yeah! freezing-for-Florida tempertaures, not swimsuit weather.

You're all precious, anyway!


Cindra said...

I love how you gals draped your selves so sexily (is that a word?) around the tree! Definitely professionals!

Anonymous said...

Merline conjured. Conger is an eel.

Anonymous said...

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