Thursday, February 25, 2010

Was Flipper A Dolphin?

Every now and then I hear a bit of commotion in the back yard (that is, when I have my doors opened and it's over 50º). It's usually playful dolphins romping in the water, fishing and
playing. It doesn't matter how many times you see them, it's magnetic. You can't stop watching
them. I must have taken thirty pictures of these three playing for a couple hours but the timing
has to be split second to get them when they are completely out of the water (this is real life; not like Sea World)
and my timing is just off enough that I can't get a good body shot. It's always great fun when they come to visit.
So far, twenty percent of my yearly promise of the Moses basket liners and sheet covers are
complete. I plan on finishing 50% by the beginning of next week. It's cold and perfect for this project. I have lots of back tv watching on my dvr to complete.


dee said...

nice work on the basket liners. So cute. Love the view out your door.

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